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Anthony Morrison

I am thrilled you’re interested in our upcoming launch for the Webinar Sales Machine happening May 5th – 25th 2023

I’ve spent the past decade selling both my products and other people’s products using webinars as our main selling platform.
… and we’ve succeeded at an amazing level. We’ve done over $50,000,000 in sales using our strategies and that number continues to rise each day.
The whole concept of a “Webinar Sales Machine” really came into play when we released WebinarFuel, our automated webinar platform that has completely changed the expectations we set for webinars that are not live.
When you can automate AND get the same results as live webinars get, you can build a machine!

Our No Student Left Behind Guarantee

I Take A Lot Of Pride In Making Sure Each Student Has Everything They Need To Get Results From Our Program, but I know it’s entirely possible (and likely) that some students fall through the cracks.

That’s why I implemented our No Student Left Behind Guarantee for 2023.

We have an intense follow-up process in place for “each student”. Not just some random automation we schedule, but real people on my team tracking EVERY STUDENT and where they are at in our program.

Because of this process we’re going to be giving a “Make Your Money Back, Or I’ll Give Your Money Back” guarantee during our launch.

…. this just means more sales and commissions for you!

What Is The

Webinar Sales Machine & Who Is It For?

Students need to know 3 specific things in order to build their own Webinar Sales Machine:

1. They need to understand “sales” and not just any sales, but how to generate maximum conversions and sales on a webinar.

2. Once you understand sales it’s time to “automate” so you can truly build a machine.

3. Once your automated webinar is running the “Follow-up Ecosystem” kicks in and generates sales from many different approaches.
I’ll be covering all 3 of these topics during the launch process and of course inside the Webinar Sales Machine training.

We’ve structured this content so that it works obviously for anyone who has their own course, product, coaching or consulting offer they want to sell.

…. but it also works for anyone who DOESN’T have their own product, but wants to leverage automated webinars to sell products as an affiliate.
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