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The COMMON ISSUES PDF is only text, there is no video or any other content associated with this file. It was only added as a means to help troubleshoot if you are unable to download the course videos. Therefore the message that you see when you open it, is all that it says.

Troubleshooting for Downloading/ Course Access:

– Before downloading, open the course link from the device that you would like to view it on as some people may encounter issues when accessing from multiple devices

– It is recommended that you download the course files to a laptop or computer as the files are large, and there may not be enough space on your phone. Also these courses contain zip files which may not download to your phone unless you have an zip extractor app.

– When attempting to download if you are getting a random coded message, please try downloading a zip extractor from google, this should allow you to open the zip files (videos)

– Once you have downloaded, it is recommended that you save the files to your desktop for easy reference 

The order in which you should watch the courses if your focus is STOCK TRADING/ INVESTING :

– Stock market gems + SMG additional related content ( includes investing terms, risky corona virus strategy, SMG additional resources)

– Dividend income empire + D.I.E additional related content (includes Homework, HW #1, D.I.E additional resources 

– Intro to options + additional related content ( includes intro to options resources)

The order in which you should watch the courses if your focus is building and E-COMMERCE BRAND and SOCIAL MEDIA MONETIZATION :

– 6 figure side hustle

– Profit King

– Twitter Money


All 7 of my courses plus additional resources

-Stock Market Gems

– Dividend Income Empire

-Profit King

-Intro to options

– 6 Figure Side Hustle

-B.O.B Instagram course

6 videos courses + 1 PDF Course

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