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Is this you?

I totally get it. Every digital marketer and their momma wants to tell you that email newsletters should be about telling stories and connecting with your audience on a deep level.

Me and my momma?

We aint got time for that.

And neither do you.

That’s why I created:

20 Minute Newsletters

15 minutes to write.

5 minutes for your subscriber to read and reply.

Connect + engage with your audience so they’re left waiting for your email each week instead of ignoring it

Get you excited about what happens after you hit “send” instead of making you nauesous about unsubs

Make it easier to cash in on the list you’ve already built

Here’s what you get:

  • Email outline so you know how to structure every email from
  • 2 video to show you my exact steps ( AKA you’ll actually knw how to use this)
  • Voice guide that explains how to write like YOU + banish the whole “that doesn’t even sound like me” thing

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