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Organised Chaos: Book Bundle

Organised Chaos is a divergent approach to our culture’s assumptions around work, productivity and living a successful life.

Having finally rejected habits, discipline and consistency for their futility to work for me long term, I’ve finally re-embraced the power of motivation, impatience and most importantly, passionate chaos. I’m aiming to share how I realigned my relationship with my brain, and in doing so, supercharged my output, happiness, passion and peace.

This is for the chaotic, passionate, distractible amongst us.

We’re not lazy or doomed for failure, there definitely is such a thing as organised chaos.

What’s included?

  1. the PDF ebook-guide to Organised Chaos
  2. the Impatience Priming Notion template
  3. the (free) audiobook recording of the Organised Chaos Guide


This isn’t a 200 page breakdown (lol) of my thoughts, it’s a relatively concise 67 page e-book and 1h 24min audiobook. I wanted to make sure everything was broken down easily as I don’t want to waste your time with lots of fluff.

Second Life Exercise: Yearly Reset Template for Self-Therapy

The aim of the Second Life Exercise is to serve as a periodical, in-depth, psychodynamic reset.

We will capture and explore where we are in life in our relationships, feelings, self-esteem, pleasure, love and security, and also therefore where we are heading. I hope it can help us uncover, verbalise, understand our instincts and emotions, and perhaps reframe in healthier ways how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

I like to use the whole exercise on a yearly-ish basis (New Year’s and Birthday), and I use many of the elements on a daily basis, or when I’m feeling particuarly anxious or overwhelmed. It’s intended primarily for people like me: anxious, semi-preoccupied, and perhaps deep-down, quite insecure, so is biased towards these feelings and thoughts.

The Exercise is based on the video here.

What’s Included?

  • 👁️ Template and Walk-Through for Step 1: Collect for FeelingsExperiences and Preoccupations
  • 🧠 Template and Walk-Through for Step 2: Consider
  • 🔨 Template and Walk-Through for Step 3: Correct
  • 👤Template and Walk-Through for Finding Your Why
  • 🫀Daily/As Needed Template for Anxiety is Fear Exercise
  • 🫂Daily/As Needed Template for Reconsider this Relationship Exercise

How do I download the template?

Open the template link, then click “Duplicate” on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace 🖤 There’s also a PDF file with a walk-through of how to access and use the exercise inside!

Skill-Setting Guide: How to NOT Quit Everything You Start

Heya! This template is aimed to be a bit of an anxiety-reducing, perspective-changing, energy-refuel for us to not quit the things we need to do and hopefully increase our interest and enjoyment of the task. It’s based on my video here.

What’s included?

  • “🖤 Object of my Desire” tool and process for applying it
  • “〰 Back on Track” tool and process for applying it
  • “💀 Always Meet Your Heroes” tool and process for applying it
  • “🌚 Sixth Sense” tool and process for applying it
  • The Project Tracker with ready-made templates
  • PDF explaining how to use the Project Tracker

Mental Hygiene Template: Self-CBT for Overthinkers

My template for Self-CBT based on this video here!

How do I download the template?

Open the template link, then click “Duplicate” on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace 🖤

“Speed-Date Yourself” Exercise

An exercise to figure out what your values are & to hopefully understand yourself a bit better, based on this video here.

How do I download the template?

Open the template link, then click “Duplicate” on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace 🖤

Please please please press Duplicate first, otherwise you won’t be able to edit the template! I’ve gotten a lot of emails saying it doesn’t work before doing this 🖤

Elizabeth’s Book Notes Formula

How to take notes like me, based on this video here, as a Notion Template.

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