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What is iLoveCoding?

iLoveCoding is a platform that teaches you coding so well that you become a competent software engineer. The training is structured; the topics you learn are suited for todays job-market; and best of all, you get support from a mentor throughout your journey – From zero to becoming a highly-skilled software engineer.

What will you learn?

You will learn all the technical skills so you can call yourself a competent Front-End and Full-Stack JavaScript developer – who is job-ready and can build any kind of app.

  • ¬†Build simple and advanced websites
  • Build responsive-design websites
  • Build Modern Front-End Applications
  • Think like a developer
  • Problem-solving
  • Backend Development
  • Working with databases
  • ¬†Collaborate code with Git
  • Breaking features down into functions
  • Writing reusable code
  • Build mobile apps
  • Build password-protected websites
  • Working with third-party APIs (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

What do you get?

With any iLoveCoding paid membership you get access to Complete Training, and Mentor-Moderated Private Student Community

(A) Complete Step-by-Step Training (See Full Curriculum)

40+ hours of video training organized such that it is easy to make progress.

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Programming and Web
  • Module 2: Modern Front-End Development
  • Module 3: Back-end Development and Databases
  • Electives (Git, Working with API, etc.)
  • Downloadable Cheat Sheets
  • Access to Homework

(B) Mentor-Moderated Student Community

Never get stuck again! Get answers to your specific questions from your peers and mentor in the member-only slack channel.

  • Get solution to your problem
  • Learn from your peers
  • Get career, code, and project help

Technologies You Will Learn

  • JavaScript: Beginner to Advanced
  • ES7+: Modern JavaScript features
  • HTML5¬†: Basic HTML and modern HTML Features
  • CSS3: CSS basics to modern CSS features
  • Node.js: Using JavaScript in the backend
  • Express.js: Backend robust RESTful API
  • MongoDB: The noSQL database
  • React: Build modern web UI applications
  • DOM: Tame the browser with vanilla JavaScript
  • NPM: Use third-party libraries
  • RESTful: Standard protocol to structure web API

What will you build?

With iLoveCoding your focus will be to apply your knowledge; For that we will build a bunch of projects so you learn and build your portfolio in the process.

  • Blog Design
  • Simple To-do List App
  • Snake game
  • Calculator App
  • Photo Slider
  • Stop Watch
  • Accordion Feature
  • Tab Feature
  • Location Finder (Powered by Google Maps)
  • Song Search App (Powered by iTunes API)
  • Book Search App (Powered by Google Books)
  • Note Taking API (with password protection)
  • Timer App
  • Web Scraper
  • Cryptocurrency Price Checker
  • Scroll animation, and more

Who is iLoveCoding for?

Designed for beginners, designers and entrepreneurs (Like me – Aziz). However I constantly get experienced developers from large companies join as well.

  • Beginners
  • Junior/Senior developers
  • Developers from a different domain
  • Entrepreneurs

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