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The 12 LOLz of Copywriting (And You Will Tear Up)

The complete 24+++ hours of the most oddly original, heartbreakingly honest, and gregariously global “how-to-copywrite-and-other-stuff-too” course that’s ever been assembled.

Guest-starring a murderer’s row of industry MVPs, including David Deutsch, Dan Ferrari, Julie Hassett, Jen Adams, Ning Li, and Joe Schriefer.

(Discounted 99% from its original list price.)

And we stuffed a few more sweet treats into your box too…

There are no laws. There are only LOLz.

You’ve been told there are laws.

Simple “rules” and “templates” that any copywriter, digital marketer, or snowflake-in-general can rely on to make the Internet spit out dollar bills. Just as long as you studiously follow them to the letter… and make sure not to have too much fun.

You’ve been told a lie.

Together, we’ve sold $1.3 billion worth of newsletters, pills, and other direct-marketing macguffins.

Yeah, we’re those guys. A.K.A. Dig.In, Dig.Out, Dig.On.

The small group of weirdos that’s been quietly breaking most of the laws and hoarding most of the LOLz to ourselves for the past decade.

We’ve ghosted for everyone from Agora to Apple. Boardroom to BMW. Copy Accelerator to Calvin Klein. (Full alphabet here.)

And more importantly, hosted 8 of the history’s most epic parties. (See below).

But here’s the one thing we’ve NEVER done. And will never do AGAIN, in ANY audiovisual format whatsoever, on ANY part of the Internet whatsoever…

This year, for the first AND last time ever, Dig.On LLC is opening the doors to its batshit-crazy internal training course.

For a select handful of copywriters, digital marketers, and general $nowflake$ who want to start having as much fun as we do.

Once we sell these remaining holiday boxes, that’s it.

There will be no “evergreen” availability.

12 officially-recorded Zoom calls with live Q&A interaction…

This is not a course-in-a-can. These are live, improvised interactions with a core group of extremely weird students that brought out the best in our host and (many) special guests. The average session is more than two hours long, and is — for better or worse — utterly different from anything you’ve ever experienced before.

24+++ hours of your mind bending into a pretzel in the most enjoyable way possible.

With spicy mustard.

Guest-starring David Deutsch, Dan Ferrari, Julie Hassett, Jen Adams, Ning Li, Mike Abramov, John Hays, Tim Cels, Jeff Little, Zach Scheidt, Cameron Stang, Jon Ingram, Donnie Bryant, Colin Chung, and Joe Schriefer. Plus friends in high places like Hollywood, Harvard, and the White House. And introducing the Nigerian Prince — Andy Mukolo.

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