Pollinate Trading – Systems Mastery Course


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A great trader is not always right.

What makes a great trader is their system and how it was created.

Most people confuse great trading with always being right. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact, it is 100% incorrect. The reality is you may be even closer than you think to becoming that great trader producing consistent results beyond what you thought was possible.

What makes a great trader is the systems they trade and how those systems were created.  Anyone can just buy some gurus system. But the system mastery course is not just handing you a proven system. Well, it is handing you two proven systems. But unlike all the other gurus It also gives you all the tools you will ever need to build your own systems the right way. Leaving the signal buying to the newebs.

System Mastery

📈 1 free month of the trading lab a value of $297

📈 6.5hrs of content

📈 FVBO is a proven profitable strategy

📈 VBO 2.0 is a proven profitable strategy

📈 No expensive software

📈 Custom spreadsheet

📈 Learn how to match your system to you

📈 Build a real trading business so you can build the life you want

📈 Stop buying signals build your own proven system

📈 Define your belief systems

📈 Learn how the professionals manually backtest

📈 Chose to build a part-time trading system or full-time trading system

📈 Understand R multiples and proper position sizing

📈 How to rate your system

📈 Learn price action

📈 Understand data entry

📈 A system you will use for the rest of your trading career

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